Paiwei Wei

Paiwei is known in the industry as the double threat...a person who has rare abilities in incompatible discliplines. He is an artist and a nerd. He is an award winning photographer and designer. He’s an Ironman triathlete with computer science know-how. He has been working with Dan Pallotta for over 2 decades and with Rex Wilder for over 12 years.

Paiwei is no stranger to big and bold ideas. He helped launch 33 endurance fundraising events, coordinated national ad campaigns across 13 different cities. He has designed a 60 acre outdoor museum on a tarmac in the middle of an international airport, created airline liveries for Zero G, branding for alternative energy conferences, and even help brand development for the first private spacecraft competition for the Xprize.

Paiwei has also spent considerable time on an incredible roster of non-profits, whether it is raising money, training people, or building their brand. Paiwei drinks his own gatorade. He practices what he preaches on endurance sports. He volunteers most of his free time training people for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society for their fundraising triathlons. And being no stranger to pain and discipline, he competed in 2 ironman triathlons.