Rex Wilder

What if, what if. A commercial director Rex worked with years ago noticed an odd turn of brain in the (then) young creative director: Rex was just about never satisfied. With much of anything. He was a walking, talking suggestion box. Despite winning nearly every advertising industry award and creating three highly praised Super Bowl ads, it was not until he met Dan Pallotta 13 lucky years ago that his vision of a better world met its match. From his days at Pallotta Teamworks to the present, the artist formerly known as the What If Kid has applied his creativity as a writer to all facets of our clients’ business. Whether they like it or not. He is also a wordsmith in the old-fashioned sense, called upon by large companies for important verbal-centric tasks; most recently, he brought the name “nook” to Barnes & Noble. When he’s not writing, he’s, well, writing: Rex is an internationally recognized poet with work published in magazines such as The New Republic, Poetry, London’s TLS and Poetry Daily. Two-time United States Poet Laureate Billy Collins said this of Rex’s first book, Waking Bodies: “In Rex Wilder's poetry, the tired English of everyday use comes back to us refreshed and full of its original surprise. In a world glutted with poetry, that Wilder has found a new way to say the old things is a notable achievement.” Rex couldn’t have said it better himself. But he’ll probably try.