We multiply your philanthropy to multiply your impact.
Because impact not multiplied is not logical.
We do three things:
1. Screen your favorite grantees to assess our potential to turn a large, targeted grant from you into substantial ongoing revenue growth for them — in other words, we screen for their potential to multiply your funding.
2. Act as your trusted, turn-key intermediary, designing, budgeting, implementing and overseeing large grants for complex, multi-layered projects.
3. Focus the initiative with great discipline on one objective — growing your grantee's fundraising capability. Your philanthropy allows your grantee to generate new philanthropy, in perpetutity, — from individual major donors, corporations, retail donors and even other funders.
Multiplication Philanthropy
You're interested in program impact. If you have a favorite grantee, it's because their programs seem promising and innovative. The impulse, and tradition, is to fund those programs. But that's often not sustainable, and it annihilates the multiplication potential of your capital. Where you could have employed your funding to create a revenue stream that could fund the expansion of the program, ongoingly, instead, you've used it to purchase a one-time execution of the program. Or, maybe you're more sophisticated, and you fund capacity-building. But even that is often not sustainable, and that too will squander capital multiplication potential. But there is one element of capacity-building that is sustainable — fundraising capacity.

If done correctly, strenghtening your grantees' fundraising capacity does four incredible things:
1) it multiplies the money available for programs,
2) it multiplies the money available for capacity building,
3) it grows — not just sustains — its own capacity, and
4) it frees the grantee, and you, from dependency on you, transforming them, and setting them on a new and inspiring course of impact.
How it works:
Traditional Funding Model
$1 grant buys $1 of programs
Multiplication philanthropy
$1 grant creates a revenue stream of 1, 2, 3, or more times that dollar — in perpetuity. It also acts as a proof of concept project for the grantee, giving them confidence to invest more of their own money in fundraising, further amplifying the multiplicative effects of your original grant.
Self-Sustaining Fundraising Infrastructure + Culture Transformation
More funds to charity +
growth potential
Trusted Intermediary Model:
Traditional Foundation Model
Charity uses funds to buy goods and services. Charity reports impact back to foundation.
  • Charity makes pitch to foundation
  • Foundation gives charity funds to support its projects
Trusted Intermediary Model
  • The organization gets the benefit of expert-advised strategies, improved fundraising tools, and branding to help increase revenues;
  • Both the charity and foundation are stakeholders in new strategy directions;
  • Charity resources and personnel are not burdened to implement strategy reforms;
  • Charity has open lines of communication with foundation and intermediary;
  • Charity continues on mission and not bogged down on the task of transformation and upgrading
  • Foundation empowers a trusted intermediary to execute mission goals and create tools for charity;
  • Foundation would have more of a say in strategy development and has final approval on plans.
Advertising For Humanity:
  • Helps to create unbiased audit and assessments;
  • Creates diagnostic plan from impartial viewpoints;
  • Assembles team of experts;
  • Creates strategy and fundraising tools for the charity to help increase its revenue stream;
  • As a neutral party, helps with transparency and accountability since the funds are not co-mingled with other donations;
  • Trusted intermediary is independent to potential internal culture conflicts of other organizations;
  • Impact and benefits are independently measurable and verifiable.
What PhilanthroLogic Brings to the Relationship
Unbiased Diagnostics
  • Independent Assessments;
  • Experienced Professionals In Their Respective Fields;
  • Unbiased Opinion.
  • IT and Web Development;
  • Online Giving Tools;
  • Non Profit Strategy;
  • Marketing, PR & Social Media;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Specialists in Culture Transformation.
  • Transparency of Expenditures;
  • Performance Metrics;
  • Funding goes to specific improvements, not lost or diluted with other charity projects or operations.
Additional Capacity
Charity continues on its mission and it’s not bogged down on the task of transformation and reformation.
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