Board and Donor Transformation

You cannot pursue daring goals with donors and a board obsessed with keeping overhead low.

If your leadership is not aligned with the magnificence of your aspirations, you're doomed to convention and frustration - a feeling of your spirit being suffocated.

We can help.

Donors and boards remain focused on transactional things, like keeping administrative expenses low or meeting program budgets, as opposed to transformational aspirations, like ending hunger or imagining innovative new initiatives, for one reason and one reason only: they've never been taught to do anything else.

We can transform their worldview and your potential to pursue your dreams.

Our founder's landmark book, Uncharitable (Tufts University Press), is fundamentally changing the way people think about changing the world. It has created a new conversation for making a difference.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review has said that the book "deserves to become the nonprofit sector's new manifesto." Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart said that it should cause us to "take two steps back and imagine a new philosophy and theory of charity itself. This is nothing less than a revolutionary work."

We use the principles advanced in that work to develop mind-bending, mission-boosting trainings, communication materials, and ongoing curricula for your donors, board, and community. We help your staff think in new ways about impact and how to achieve it, about new ideas and why to risk taking them, about overhead and organizational strength and why they are so critical.

It takes time, but you will only change the culture of your culture to the extent that you put resources and intention into doing it. A basic principle of fundraising is that the more you ask, the more you get. Changing attitudes obeys the same principle. The more you teach, the more things will change.