• Step 1
    Brand Discovery

    We’re big on human relationships. We like to start them off in person, the bold-fashioned way. We come to you, meet your team, see your digs, and listen to your aspirations. Next come telephone interviews with important constituents. Everything is codified in a creative brief, which guides the magic that follows.
  • Step 2

    The name you inherited may not serve you best now - may not convey what you do today, or the spirit in which you do it. When we re-name we conduct a deep existential inquiry, then distill it down to a wow that nails who you really are, now.
  • Step 3
    Visual Identity

    Good visual identity is strategic - it inspires, strengthens name, and anticipates its future - how it might fit in a sponsorship system, for example. We do exhaustive exploration and distill down to three presentation candidates, each applied to sample media to illustrate how they’ll behave in the marketplace.
  • Step 4
    Visual Standards

    The best visual standards guide is to retain us as your in-house graphic design agency, so it’s not just fonts and colors that are faithful to the brand, but the entire visual environment, personality, and spirit of it that are consistently replicated.
  • Step 5

    We develop ad and message campaigns based on the soul of the brand for all forms of media.