Business Strategy Consulting

A pretty brand wrapped around a bad business strategy is a bad business strategy, period.

We come from a business discipline; we’re interested in results. And we’re after results that further a larger purpose. Before we work on brand, we help you make sure the business strategy is conscious and smart, has defined goals, and that they derive from your mission. We often hear things like, “we want more Facebook hits,” or “we need a marketing plan,” without anyone knowing what they hope to achieve with either. The process has to run the other way around.

Our founder created, capitalized and ran a large company, and many business units within it, that employed 400 full-time people in 16 U.S. offices and raised in excess of $100 million annually. That perspective allows us to think of things you may not have dreamed of thinking. We winnow, distill, focus, and shape, yes, but we also use our creative powers to transcend big limits – to add elements to your business strategy that may not have existed at all before we came along.

Our consulting is thoughtful and rigorous, mind-bending and mind-expanding. We will spend a lot of time with you understanding the end game, or drawing an end game out of you that really sets your heart on fire. Then we establish goals, identify customers, and create calls-to-action and tactics. Then we can start the brand work.