Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve transformed the corporate social responsibility programs of huge national brands. The initiatives we have designed, produced, and marketed have raised more money than the American Express Charge Against Hunger ($21 million), Pepsi Refresh ($15 million), Hands Across America ($34 million), USA for Africa ($66 million), Product (RED) ($150 million), Kiva ($100 million), and American Idol Gives Back ($175 million), combined.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Our Take:
Corporate social responsibility should be called corporate social opportunity. Get rid of the moral overtones. When the right brand meets the right idea for the right organization, big things happen for everyone. That’s what we care about.

It’s difficult to categorize because so much of what we do actually creates new categories. We match great brands with inspirational, large-scale ideas in the critical realms of meaning and making a difference. And then we make those ideas happen. Our ideas push the limits of human potential. This inspires tremendous civic engagement, transformational fundraising, historic impact, and an almost religious level of loyalty to your brand. Rare is the brand that facilitates the full expression of a consumer’s humanity and potential. The consumer appreciation that comes with that is equally rare.

The execution of this category of idea requires expertise in multiple disciplines, and we bring those to the table:

  • Social Responsibility We engineer the idea itself, including the experience for the consumer and the consumer’s experience of your brand;
  • Social Responsibility We calculate the capitalization, or financing, required to bring the idea to life, and we work with you on innovative approaches to satisfy it — innovations that can result in staggeringly lower out-of-pocket costs to you than traditional “sponsorship” models;
  • Social Responsibility We create and execute the operational plan for the idea, including brand development and marketing;
  • Social Responsibility We match the right impact objectives and humanitarian organizations with the endeavor.

In sum, we’re a match-maker for huge possibilities. We synch consumer brands with big plans, heroic consumers and great organizations to make a monumental impact on humanity. And on every level, we help you reap the rewards of your commitment to this outcome.

Social Responsibility

So [companies] face two options... they can choose to ignore the potential for a wider role of their companies and forgo the opportunity to rethink the very purpose of their corporations. And many—perhaps most—will choose this first option, for in every evolution there are those left behind, the perpetual laggards. For others, there is the second option... They will choose to embrace the opportunity for a more progressive role—to see their corporations explicitly as value-shaping entities of the world they touch, while simultaneously keeping their economic engines well tuned and powerful.”

- Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

Social Responsibility


  • Human greatness.
    Brand greatness.
    Your greatness.
    We believe people want to be asked to do the most they can do, not the least they can do. We never underestimate humanity. And humanity never disappoints us.
  • Transformation. As opposed to change.Change teaches a caterpillar to walk faster. In a transformation, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
  • Human connection. Higher-order civic engagement.Our medium of choice is human sweat, tears, and physical embrace. Virtual should support something real. Pixels should put people in action face-to-face. People hunger for real community. They love the brands that understand that.
  • Real social impact. Not just money. Not just page views. The big idea has to be in support of a big measurable result, both for the brand and for the cause.

Social Responsibility